Tigars Jaw/ Charmer

Dwnld: Charmer/ Hum / Slow Come On

Rating: 6

Tigars Jaw follows up their amazing self-titled album by ditching the DIY sound of the past and delivering a more polished 4th LP.   Continue reading

NOFX/ Self-Entitled


Rating: B    Dwnld: I got one jealous, She didn’t lose her baby

While growing up, for some NOFX was the big brother we didn’t have. We were the middle child between the blossoming of skateboarding, a punk rock scene which was on the verge of losing its identity and idea that MTV would make even our favorite bands sell outs before summer vacation was over. But NOFX has always been there for us, keeping us grounded by telling MTV to f@*% off and playing 5 songs in 3 minutes at packed concerts that took place in venues no bigger than your mothers walk in closet. Continue reading