#2 Burned Photographs of Strangers


Dynamite & Kerosene by Mergence is the opening track for more than a couple reasons. From its pounding guitar chords to its desperate lyrics, the song fuels the playlist from the start. It also possesses that “IT FACTOR” that only a handful of songs can attest to. While only really having one true LP under their belt, Mergence is one opening act away from making their splash.

The Oceanic Movement is a duo from Orlando, Fl, and land on this playlist with the electronically-infused rock gem entitled I Don’t Need You.  The song balances two worlds: one being of almost the thoughts in some ones head, as if telling ones self of the troubles while the second lives within the upbeat but blunt chorus.  there doesn’t seem to be much “movement” from them as of late 2012 but a full length LP was supposed to be released in 2013.

Shoe-gaze darling The KVB close out the playlist in style. Run Away is not their most requested song and has to this point only been released as a single, though that does not diminish its power. With its glaring dream-esque feel, it harks back to the Cure’s Seventeen Seconds sound than more notable “shoe gazing” pioneers,. Run Away does what the name suggests, it runs away with your mind and soul.