Faded Paper Figures/ The Matter

Rating: B      Dwnld: San Narcisco / Relatively 

From the very first note of the opening track  San Narcisco, this album is an addictive hit.  While maybe a bit more polished than their previous releases, The Matter shows maturity. Continue reading

Tv Girl/ The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle

Rating: B-   Dwnld: I Wonder Who, Mirror Mirror

This is their first full length LP, released in late 2012. Tv Girl is duo from San Diego, producing an array of songs for the last couple years. They seem to be, and this is a positive not a knock, that they cannot be classified with one word genre stereotypes. I believe this is pull towards them as they give you everything and the kitchen sink. Continue reading

17 At This Time / Tokkoubana

Rating:  B-    Dwnld: Everything I Touch,  Angel

When trying to explain Seventeen At This Time, one only needs to look upon the tags the band itself has labeled some of its songs. Motorcycle Mambo, porn grooves, sacrificial ceremony anthem, and political polka are just a few of my personal faves. Even on their Facebook page they have called themselves Nightmare Pop which is fitting like a straight jacket to Jack Nicholson. Continue reading

Editors / Weight of Your Love


Rating: C-   Dwnld:

Bands evolve. Bands change. Bands are like a family by blood that are allowed to divorce each other and move in different directions. The Editors are a prime example of this. After the departure of Chris (guitar) over a year ago, the band evolved and began to piece this LP together. In the light of evening, the last LP release,  was more of an experimental period piece and to their credit they said as much. Weight carries a bit more balance this time but comes off as a dark The Doors-esque album. While it does hark back to their earlier en devours, it does branches off from the beaten path. Most notably Tom Smith, who shifts his voice to resemble the likes of Jim Morrison and Layne Staley more so than previous releases.  Maybe this will finally shake off the Ian Curtis shadow that has followed him up to this point. He has stated a couple times that they wanted to make a more intimate sound for which could be played both electronically and/or also acoustically. While they do succeed, some of the more rapid-punk rock infused tunes are sorely missed here. I will agree with the comparisons to REM and Echo and the Bunnymen, musically and lyrically,  though. The similarities are blatant here,  especially in how they blend so many different type of structures tightly together.


The First song that caught my ear was Sugar. It flows through the speakers (or earphones) like a river down-current. Tom is just a lonely fish in this river, singing melodramatically as if desperately trying not to make any ripples in the water. His voice is a balance between the echoing chord changes and cautious but hypnotic percussion.  Ton of Love is the first single to be released but I also think Hyena has potential to be as well. Highlighted by the early 80’s post punk guitars, it dances about on its own island towards the end of the LP. Other tracks worth pointing out are Formaldehyde and Honesty. Formaldehyde is a fun, catchy song that could get some playlist love but is hindered by the one-line chorus repeated to the point of exhaustion. Sadly this is not the only song affected by this. I adore the strings work on Honesty, as it lingers in the background, applying the bandage to the exposed wounds.  Tom is strong here, as is Ed who never over thinks anything on this album. While I believe all of the fore mentioned songs are strong (maybe including Bird of prey as well) they only take up a third of the album and  the downside is that the rest is just rather…blah.   I think Weight of Your Love will fall short of a lot of  expectations, due mostly to their previous work, but is a pleasant turn to see them going back to what they do well.