Buffalo Rodeo/ Home Videos

Rating: 9

Dwnld: Compass/ Remington / Holly

This is the first true EP from the progressive indie rockers and  to paraphrase:  it is dominant. Each song stands on its own, as if separate cracks in the foundation of a collapsing structure. Treehouse is the opener and works well in this role. From the opening  drum fill that leads to a post-punk bridge, the song changes not only tempos but full genres as well. While the cliche “indie rock” flavor still is definitive on the tongue, there are also punk and Jamaican garnishes added among. Compass slows down the pace, with cohessive vocals from both Zach and Jordan. Reason #4,354 of why I see a long future for Buffalo Rodeo is Jordan and Zach’s ability to be able to shadow each other in their vocal duties. They almost seem to pick the perfect points in which to lend their voice to the other’s.  Remington and Holly might be the strongest on the EP.  With the latter, its the thin layer of distortion on everything combined with Ryan Gilbert’s beautiful percussion arrangement that helps the song blossom as if a tulip at the end of spring. Buffalo Rodeo has a lot to live up to with their next release, …but that is a good thing.







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