Vic & Gab / Love of Mine

Rating: A   (2013)        Dnwld: Crazy Love / Let You Down

Love of Mine is a delightful album that reminds us of what Indie Pop should sound like. It is always expanding, elegant, rancorous and tame all at the same time. Creative influences in the likes of Tegan & Sara/ Death Cab for Cutie bubble up to the surface when needed but are  not displayed abundantly. Victoriah and Hannah have been busy the past couple years playing numerous festivals like Summerfest 2012, Midpoint Festival among others. With their debut, they shy away from bubble-gum love tunes and instead shedding light on the dark side of relationships.

Crazy Love, Come and Stay, and Let You Down are the major stars on this album though that is not a dis at any of the other tracks. It is just that all three are worthy singles, all three are similar but each carries a different gene in their DNA.  Crazy Love is dramatic, almost claustrophobic song with its hush tones and repetitive chorus. The beauty of the song is that its fundamental at its core. The sister duo don’t try to shove too much into it, as they keep it fresh and almost minimalistic. Let You Down is pure pop song that is the true highlight of the album. Beautifully constructed, it has The Cure’s Head on the Door fingerprints all over it. From the jagged guitars and the repetitively cold percussion, Let You Down dances the fine line between fun summer song and heart-breaking tune. Lastly, Come and Stay is a lot like Let You Down, bouncy but void of optimism.

The recognition is already been pouring over this duo and I can only expect for it to continue in the years to come. If you were lucky enough to see them early in their career at a dive bar, or some small venue then I envy you.


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