Scanners/ Love is Symentry

Rating: B+   Dnwld: Control /  Mexico

Anytime some one asks me ” so what music do you listen to..?” The Scanners are one of the few bands I always try to mention. I adored their initial release Violent is Golden which contained a stacked lineup of  heavy hitters like Raw , In Dreams and Lowlife . While many have failed to follow up with anything remotely close to their break out LP’s, their second release Submarine was an album that grew on me like a ficus plant. The more I listened to it, the more I watered it , the more it grew to be appreciated.  Now we come about on their third adventure, which in retrospect may actually be their most coherent.

Mexico, the third track, has already been branded with acclaim and is worthy of every ounce of it. The mixture between the acoustic guitars and Sarah’s almost Joan Jett-styled vocals is perfectly aligned, making one almost subconsciously buy a one way ticket to Mexico . Coming in at seven is When They Put Me Back Together  They Forgot to Turn Me On. This is a song that could easily have found a home on Violence and I could only imagine  it is even more magnificent played live. The chaotic chours plays devils advocate to the somber verses, drenched in a electronic scent. This is one that I think will catch people by surprise the second and third time they listen.  The following track, A Smile On Both of Your Faces, follows the same mold though builds upon itself as it progresses. My Streets are Always Sunny in the Shade, Control and I Couldn’t Help Myself are what we have come to expect in terms of value and quality with the Scanners. Each help push the album along and show the comfortably that the band has with one another. In Closing, if you dont already have this album then go do what you need to do to get it!


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