Crosses / Self-Titled

Rating: A

Dwnld: Epilogue/ This is a Trick /  Bitches Brew

From the opening bomb This is a Trick, through Frontiers and 1994, this self titled release is pure genius. It is almost the definitive new era Depeche Mode, which so happens to be one of vocalist Chino Moreno’s(Deftones, Palms) favorite artists. With balance between both rock and dark synth tracks,  Crosses tempts us with the light of heaven and the crashing waves of hell. Epilogue is the lead track, its slow evolving verse to chorus recipe allows Chino’s lyrics to placate the listener into believing all he wants is them. Bermuda Locket is another slower, melancholy song that wraps itself in minimalism without having to wear a button on its sweater. On the flip side, This is a Trick and Bitches Brew take a more heavier approach, even rivaling more of early A Perfect Circle stature.

Originally most of the tracks were published before under 2 EP’s,  while there are only a couple new tracks with this collection. Either way, Chino and Shaun Lopez (guitarist from Far) knock this out of the park.


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