Tv Girl/ The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle

Rating: B-   Dwnld: I Wonder Who, Mirror Mirror

This is their first full length LP, released in late 2012. Tv Girl is duo from San Diego, producing an array of songs for the last couple years. They seem to be, and this is a positive not a knock, that they cannot be classified with one word genre stereotypes. I believe this is pull towards them as they give you everything and the kitchen sink.

One of my favorite songs is I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now as it has such a bouncy, summer touch to it. Actually the entire album is a lot like this. While you listen to it, you almost feel like your at an all-day beach party, waves crashing behind you with the ocean breeze touching your skin.  Misery is a throwback song to the 50’s, while Mirror, Mirror crosses a many of genre platforms not excluding early 70’s rock to trip-hop. This is their strength, but they don’t flex their muscles doing it. Later on, TV in the Bedroom is almost a lullaby with Postal Service aspirations. It carcasses the listener like a lover would, and the duo do a great job of never losing that moment or feeling. Sweaters, while very short, could be looked over in the initial listen ( I did it too) but it entraps your interest when given a chance.  The final track, All A Dream, shows the entire spectrum that is TV Girl. It starts off being a slow indie rock song eventually transforming, and ending in hip hop frenzy.  Each track will surprise you with the direction taken but wont disappoint.


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