Faded Paper Figures/ The Matter

Rating: B      Dwnld: San Narcisco / Relatively 

From the very first note of the opening track  San Narcisco, this album is an addictive hit.  While maybe a bit more polished than their previous releases, The Matter shows maturity. Kael, R. John,  and Heather don’t stray too much from the beaten path, which in most cases is not a bad thing.   Piledrive, Relatively and the fore mentioned San Narcisco are love-on-first-sight tracks but there are others like Holy Smoke and Questions which are also contagious. The harmonic balance between R. John and Heather’s voices seem to be the soul-mates to whatever vivid beat plays behind them.  They balance one another on each track as if keeping the other sane. FPF has always been positioned on the electronic side of things, but with this they expand on that. It is impossible to find a track that is not beautifully composed,  that will make ones eardrums dance and sway with each note.  With that said the album can get a bit of tunnel vision at times.  As you wiggle your way through, sometimes the songs are hard to decipher from another.  On a whole the sound could be compared to Shiny Toy Guns or maybe Postal Service but if you liked Film School’s 2010 release Fission then this will blow your socks off.


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