#1 Pointless Conversations



An Horse is  Kate Cooper, formally of Iron On, and  Damon Cox who hail from the land down under. An Company is a blatantly honest song that almost hurts to listen to fully. From the haunting guitar to her corruptible lyrics, the song paints a picture of a troubled relationship and the isolation of certain choices.  The climax at the end rivals any that has been played before it. The honesty here is put on a pedestal as if in a museum to stare at and admire:  ” And all my broken hearts and all my forgettable false starts, well you can have them right now but you better not look away”

Absofacto is an experimental electronic-pop project from the mind of Jonathan Visger. A Ladder Leading Nowhere contains a slow, treacherous groove that reminds me somewhat of underground bands in the early to mid 90’s. The melody that punctuates during the chorus is graceful in a minimalist way while Jonathan’s lyrics summon the ghost of a younger Robert Smith.

Darth Vader is a strangely titled view at another troubled relationship coming to a head. Emma Kupa, who handles both vocals and bass, professes her love and also need to leave someone for her own benefit. While she promises that she will come back, the listener is left to wonder if this is only a charade. If this is your first taste of Standard Fare, then give Suitcase and 051107 (also from Out of Sight, Out of Town LP)  a chance.

Hanging out in the fifth spot, is Dreaming by Smallpools. This, with Best of Friends by Palma Violets, might be the most clever of any on the mix. With its race-against-the-cops metaphors and upbeat pop rhythm, Dreaming plays ring around the the rosey with our imaginations. Smallpools were benefited from an opening slot on the Twenty One Pilots tour and also having played with Grouplove over the past year, which pushed this past 4 million listens on Spotify.


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