XX – Coexist


Rating: B     Dwnld: Fiction / Chained

The XX gang return from their dark, somber sleep to bring us their sophomore album. Ironically titled Coexist, the London trio balances the old with new arrangements as all the while making us feel like the The Cure’s pornography was a show tune record. Before we proceed, one must know that this is not the self titled album part deux.  I have read reviews where it was slammed for not being so. If you were expecting that then just listen to the self titled all over again. While there are some elements bridging the two releases together, this is entirely its own monster. At times Coexist does seemed rushed and put together in the dark but maybe that is the point. XX had never been about staying the course and trying to win over public approval. The album starts out strong with angels, chained and fiction. All three are definition tracks ( again emphasizing the balance of new and old themes and sounds). Fiction is my personal love monkey on here with Oliver showing off his more expanded talents. The more deeper we get though, the more the album does stretch at the seams. Sunset is decent and Tides grew on me but the rest struggles to tread water. If you loved the first LP then keep loving it as much as you did before but don’t let it gauge this release. If you do then you will be cheating yourself for the spectrum of coexist.

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