Future / Abyss EP

Rating: B    Dwnld: Skylights

Future might just be the beginning of the future as we know it. Yann and Brice are a duo from Paris who are inspired by the likes of A Place to Bury Strangers, Ride, and of course My Bloody Valentine. The fingerprints of those influences are all over this EP as if a murderer without gloves. Skylights is most pop heavy song of them all. Yann converges with the music intimately while the drums enslave us to do their bidding. It is hard not to like this song and feel yourself being caught up in it. Citizen and Now are two tracks that are precisely as Future likes to describe their music: a wall of sound. Both are contain creative melodies that are deconstructed and re-assembled out of order, almost as if intentionally. Now is a song that starts off a bit over-done but then blossoms as it builds. I would keep a watchful eye for this band to make some noise as they progress and develop more.


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