Computer Magic/ Orion (EP)

Rating: C+       Dwnld: Trinity 

Computer magic came back to us like an ghost of a loved one in March of 2012 with this oddly titled  EP. While it seems like it has been a lifetime since Electronic Fences (EP) was released last year, Danielle makes the wait ..well, mostly worth it. For those who are new Computer Magic, this is a project by DJ Danz .  Starting off as a fun thing to do between Graphic design classes and DJ episodes, she has constructed a nice niche is an overpopulated genre. Most tracks on this EP  follow the same shape as the past items but expand more on movement of the music. I like the songs Trinity and Help me which exemplify  Danz at her most confident. Both should receive play in clubs sporadically, if not more.  Unfortunately , and maybe its just me, but i cant seem to get all the way through the EP with songs like Moving Forward and Orion. I tend to get lost in those tracks, and I feel they don’t go very far within themselves. For fans of CM, I wouldn’t say this is a must have but it is a nice edition to the ever growing collection of Computer Magic.

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