Beach House / Bloom

Rating: A+    DwnLd: Wild, Other People

Beach House comes back from the despair of Teen Dream and the innocence of Devotion to make our days a little less overcast. Simple but yet so complex, Bloom balances the good with the bad while trying to keep a straight face. This is one of the few albums that it is hard to pick out highlights per se, as every song has a claim at that title.
The opening track Myth rests at the top of that list. Victoria Legrand captures us in the palm of her hand as the first lyrics spill from her mouth. Her voice is hauntingly distinct here and stays so balanced throughout. She never tries to outgun the music, almost as if her voice and Alex Scally’s music are two friends playing co-opt video game. Wild is another example of what has come to be expectation with Alex’s arrangements. Here is an eternal question to ask yourself: Can you really think of a song in which Alex lets us down?..Paused for thought…yeah that resounding “No” that is floating in your head speaks volumes. He keeps up with this almost perfect track record here, providing each song the nourishing amount of dream-like elements.  While Myth and Troublemaker seem to be early favorites for airplay, my favorite on here is The Hours. This song conjures up images of my own past instantly and I hope it does for you as well.  Beach House strikes gold again with Bloom.


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