Chinesse School / Lesson One

Chinese school is a bit closer to my heart as they hail from my hometown, Columbus Ohio. I have been witness to their live performance which is brave and adventurous to say the least. Lesson One is a four song EP that is deliciously fun from the first track Buttons, which has this aftertaste of early R.E.M. I especially like Pulling Strings. It has an impressive breakdown towards the end which is highlighted by Led Zepplin-ish guitar solo. Guitarist Mikey Barnett balances his tones perfectly on this EP, with infinite range as drummer Stamati preaches curious beats. He refuses at times to stay conventional which gives the band a bit of clarity to it that like-sounded bands don’t have. Chinese School is more than your average college rock-town band, and with the right amount of breaks could be know more nationally soon enough.


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